Bangor State Fair has pared back on some events this year, and 4-H is one of the programs that is affected. Instead the 4-H goat, market lamb, and market beef had to go elsewhere to display their animals.

The 4-H Sheep representative for Penobscot County is Donna Gangitano.  She talked about that fact:

“This is sad for the kids. They will miss the camaraderie with their fellow 4-H members, and the whole fair experience of being with their animal for days.”

Tonight at 6 pm the 4-H market lamb show will take place at Casa Cattle Company, 141 Nokomis Road in Corinna.

Penobscot Livestock 4-H Showdown and sale will be tomorrow at Casa Cattle Company, Market Steer show is at 11 a.m. Saturday and will be followed by a BBQ lunch.

The sale will start at 2 pm featuring Market Steers and lambs.

Courtesy Donna Gangitano
courtesy Donna Gangitano

You can attend in person, but you can also bid by phone if you’ve made arrangements in advance by calling 249-2191.

Processors will be there to take the animals for buyers.

The goats will be at Cumberland Fairgrounds.

Help the youth who have invested time, money, and energy into these 4-H projects.  In Donna’s Penobscot County group there are 11 children between 9 and 18 years old with sheep. And for them, it is a mini business with a profit and loss column. And for most every one of them, if indeed there is money after expenses, it is used to buy an animal for next year. Hats off to the 4-H kids involved for making the most of things in another upended year. Remember: Adversity builds character.

Want more information about 4H start here.

courtesy Donna Gangitano

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