At least two employees of the Portland Press Herald have received email threats this morning against the Portland Police Department.

The Portland Press Herald reports the emails said, in part, 'it's time for more police to die.' The emails made reference to Sig Sauer MCX .223-caliber rifles and one or more persons 'getting into position' on a parking garage. The writer also claimed to have booby-trapped the Cumberland County parking garage with explosives.

According to the paper, the emails were sent from the account of Espen Brungodt, but there's no confirmation about whether that person actually sent the emails. In addition, 3 tweets from an account labeled '@brownclown42' on Twitter included #portlandme and #blacklivesmatter.

At a press conference this morning, Police Chief Michael Sauschuck said the department is working to protect officers and they aren't commenting further, as the investigation is ongoing. He said the tweets were still new to the investigators, as they've been focused on the emails. Several parking garages around town have been closed down today as part of the investigation.