What the heck is going on down in Newport?! I was reading last night on the Newport Police Department Facebook page, that they have had an excessive number of vehicle break-ins over the weekend. Including two car thefts!! In Newport!!! So back to my previous question...what the heck is going on down there?

Perhaps, there's some crafty criminals who are preying on the trusting nature of the town's residents. How many of our folks have grown up in towns just like Newport, where they all grew up leaving the back door open, or leaving their keys right in the car? Sadly, it seems those days are gone. It's obviously not safe to do such things any longer.

On their Facebook post, officers warn that leaving your keys or valuables in plain sight in an unlocked vehicle is not going to cut it. Residents need to make sure all doors are locked and secure. Got a sweet new chainsaw? Cover it up. Got an awesome new guitar that you're bringing to a friend's to check out in the morning? Bring it inside. Have some extra dollar bills in the cup holder for tolls? You're asking for trouble.

It's all common sense stuff, but the trouble is, the darned thieves are out there robbing folks blind. There's only one way to fight the problem, and it's common sense. I guess we'd better start using a bit more of that.

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