Everything from animal skulls to black bath bombs can be found in this new, tiny shop in Belfast.

All things occult occupy the shelves at the new Alder & Vine shop on Beaver St. in Belfast. Even though the shop is quite small, it is perfect for setting the magical mood.

It's not all just witchy items, there is also an abundance of one of a kind jewelry, art, and homemade decor goods!

If you're looking for more bewitching items they have them galore! Antler, animal skulls, hand carved wands, tarot books, ouija boards, cauldrons, herbs, and more!

Not sure what you're looking for? You'll probably find something here in this interesting new addition to downtown Belfast. Alder and Vine is currently open Thursday-Sundays 11-5PM.

The owners have expressed an eagerness to meet and please the public and hope to see their shop be successful in the beautiful town. We love seeing new local businesses, and we wish them the best!

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