Orrington Fire Station

Several meetings will be held in Orrington to discuss the possibility of building a new public safety building for both police and fire.

The current fire station sits at the intersection of Johnson Mill Road and Snow's Corner Road, just a few yards from the intersection with the Brewer Lake Road. It's not an ideal location, according to Community Policing Supervisor Jon Carson, because the simple act of backing a truck into the garage can result in stopping traffic in three directions. And it's not unusual for traffic to dart around the front of the truck as it's backing up, causing a dangerous situation. Conversely, pulling out of the garage quickly, during a call, means watching for and dealing with traffic coming from three directions.

In addition, the building that was built in 1986 is old and cramped, with a ceiling so low that firefighters can't work on the top of the trucks unless they pull them out into the very limited front driveway. And officials say there are several code violations in the building that would cost a lot to rectify. It was originally built to house, not firetrucks, but an ambulance.

Plans for a new public safety building have been in the works for about five years to build a better fire station, and to also include room for the law enforcement officers and vehicles.It would be built on Center Drive, in front of the public works department, on property the town already owns. That will reduce the cost of the new building, which as concerned some residents. If it's approved, construction could start in the spring of 2019.

Three informational meetings will be held in Orrington over the next month and a half.

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