Just like folks in other states in the country, here in Maine we are what we eat!

A new show called State Plate will debut on INSP TV on Friday, Oct. 21 at 9 p.m., and each episode will feature a different state and what foods are associated with that particular area.

There's crab cakes in Maryland, chili in Texas, peaches in Georgia, and of course lobster in Maine. A press release from the network says, "As food and culture are bound together, the story of a state's cuisine is also the story of its culture."

State Plate is hosted by American Idol season 5 winner Taylor Hicks, and the Maine version will air on Friday, Nov.11, at 9 p.m. Taylor has a deep passion for food and is the co-owner of Saw’s Juke Joint, a barbeque and blues bar in his hometown of Birmingham, Alabama. Along the way, he visits farms, ranches, markets, festivals, and other exciting locales in order to uncover the stories and legends behind the state’s unique food traditions.

Photo provided by INSP TV.

Will Taylor Hicks haul in a big lobster catch? Maybe if he sings sweetly to the crafty crustaceans—or he just may try it the way the locals do it, with grit and skill!

Join him as he heads to the mudflats to go digging for clams, works with a horse to hill potatoes in the field, and learns how to cook authentic bean-hole beans over hot coals.

Taylor Hicks and Paula Marcoux posing before eating Boston Baked Beans. Photo provided by INSP TV

Then it’s out to sea, as he also goes lobster fishing to get to the main ingredient of our  famous lobster rolls. Then, it's time for desert as Taylor finishes it off with a slice of fresh blueberry pie.

The episode promises to be filled with the stories and legends behind the Maine's tastiest foods!

INSP is available nationwide in more than 81 million households via DirecTV (channel 364) and Time Warner Cable (channels 68 & 461 here in Bangor).