A new license plate design could help save lives in an accident by identifying the driver as a medical emergency responder.

How frustrating would it be to come across an accident scene and want to help, but the police won't let you through. You're an Emergency Medical Technician, but the officers don't know that. And by the time you find your identification, show it to them, and they let you approach the scene of the accident, precious minutes have ticked by.

A new license plate available through the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles aims to prevent these kinds of situations by identifying the driver as a qualified emergency medical responder, so they can be allowed to help as quickly as possible. The plates are white with a bold blue border and a blue medical symbol that identifies them as someone with medical training.

Maine DMV offices have the plates available now, and they can only be purchased there, as the town offices will not stock them. In addition, the person wishing to purchase the plate will have to bring verification of their EMS status. The plates are available for a one-time fee of $5, and are available as vanity plates for an additional $25 annual fee.

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