For the last decade or so, tiny homes have been rising in popularity across the country. For many people, they offer the security and satisfaction of owning your own dwelling and doing so without having a massive mortgage payment every month. But fans of tiny homes have also run into problems, especially here in Maine. Codes and ordinances weren't written with tiny homes in mind. So while popularity continues to surge in other states, it remains stagnant in Maine. That all may change soon.

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According to Fox-23, a bill is being discussed in the Maine Legislature that could make tiny homes a more prevalent thing across the state. Currently, Maine is one of a handful of states that allow cities, towns and municipalities to determine whether they want to allow tiny homes within town lines. The new bill being discussed may take some of that decision making away from local communities and allow broader regulation by the state. The belief is that may inspire a tiny home surge in Maine.

As the residential real estate market in Maine continues to be outrageous, pressure for more communities to allow tiny houses is growing. Portland continues to face a housing crunch, with a lack of inventory and outrageous pricing on anything available for homebuyers and renters alike. Despite that, Portland has explicitly banned tiny homes from existing within city limits. It's possible the state passing a law would override that ban.  For many first-time homebuyers staring at a 300k price tag for a conventional home or 65k for a tiny home, the choice may be obvious.

More discussion is expected to take place on the bill before a full proposal is offered up.

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