The Queen City soon will have a new movie host right in Downtown Bangor.

Queen City Cinema Club is set to open on Friday, July 13 in the same building as Zen and will cater to those who will enjoy a more social experience in downtown.

But it's designed to be more than a movie experience. Have a beer or wine, enjoy some food, or play a board game or video game. Think of it more as a social club.

You will be able to rent it out one of two cinema rooms for a couple of hours at a time of your choosing and enjoy some time with your friends.  You also will be able to choose which movie you would like to watch from a list of about 1,000 titles including old classics like 'Citizen Cane', nostalgic classics like 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: Secret of the Ooze", and newer titles like the latest D.C. and Marvel superhero movies.

The rooms will be setup to seat 8.

There will also be memberships available that include discounts and exclusive events.

Josh Moulton is the owner who was inspired by his time bartending and watching people choose to socialize more with their phones than the people around them.

For more information about the business, check out their page on Facebook or their website.

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