Now here's a dilemma. You'd like to throw a pool party but you haven't a pool. My, oh my! What will you do?  Let us answer that question for you.

Every one of us has a fond memory or two of having fun at a pool, even if we've never owned one. There may have been that time when the rich family down the street invited you to the country club to frolic in the pool waters with all the well-to-do kids.  Maybe it was one of the times that you've stayed at a hotel or motel that had a pool, or that time when you rented a cottage with a pool in Florida.

Fun times.

Now, it seems that you work yourself to the bone and there's still no way that you can afford a pool for the backyard, whether it be inground or above ground.  Nope, you no can do.

But worry not!  There's now a way for everyone to get their tootsies wet without suffering the burden of a long-term loan.

There's a new app in town, and it's called Swimply. It's like Airbnb, but instead of renting a place to say, you rent a pool, by the hour.

For instance, a quick search of the Bangor area currently gives us only one option so far, but we have to believe that more will be appearing very soon with this brand new app.  So far, the one pool listed in our area is in Glenburn.  It's a 20 by 40 foot inground pool on a 3-acre secluded lot that you can rent for $30 an hour, and you even get a grill to use.

Fred Miller

Of course, like Airbnb, you can also list your pool as well and make a buck. Yeah, there you go, your very own source of revenue right there in your backyard, and you didn't even know it.

By the way, we hope your next pool party goes swimmingly. Don't forget to invite us.

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