Lakeside Summer Music Series is back for 2024 in Glenburn, Maine! Beginning the end of June and through August, Glenburn Parks & Recreation has done a phenomenal job planning and coordinating multiple family-friendly evenings that feature food vendors, live music from local Maine bands, and most importantly, the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful Maine summers with family, friends, and neighbors along Pushaw Lake.

Where in Maine Does the Lakeside Summer Music Series Take Place?

Glenburn, Maine
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For 2024, there are 5 Lakeside Summer Music Series evenings scheduled. Each evening is hosted at Lakeside Landing along Pushaw Lake in Glenburn. The commute from Bangor and Brewer is approximately 20-minutes.

You are encouraged to bring your own chairs and blankets as there is plenty of space for everyone, and keep in mind that usual rules for the park apply to these special events. You will need cash for vendors and food trucks, and if you can, bring a little extra to donate for a firework show to take place on the final evening of the Summer Music Series events.

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Performances and Times for Glenburn, Maine's Lakeside Summer Music Series


Each evening during the Lakeside Summer Music Series last 3.5 hours. Plenty of time to celebrate summer on the lake in the beautiful Lakeside Landing Park in Glenburn. Each evening will feature different food trucks offering services from 5pm until 8:30pm. Live entertainment from local Maine bands will be provided from 5:30pm until 8:30pm.

Help Glenburn Parks and Recreation Department with Future Events

We are a small board, whom are all volunteers with the exception of the director.  We do our best in providing fun, safe recreational opportunities for both young & old, and all the while, keeping our parks beautiful & enjoyable for all.

Glenburn Parks and Rec is looking for more committee members to bring their energy and passion for planning fun events for their fellow Mainers. If interested, email

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