In case you haven't heard through social media venues like Facebook, or the old fashion grapevine as it was called back in my day, I resigned my position as afternoon personality on Q-106.5, and as promotion's director for Townsquare Media in the Brewer/Bangor market. I know it's a bit of an odd time of the year to purposely make such life changes, but an opportunity had presented itself, and I had reached a point professionally that it just made sense to move on. When you reach a certain age you're thankful that others see enough value in you to welcome you aboard and are willing to compensate you accordingly.

However, it is with sadness that I leave some longtime friends at Townsquare Media. Q-106.5 has been a part of my existence in one form or another since '92. Aside from college radio and AM1370 WDEA in Ellsworth, the "Q" was my second part-time radio job that actually paid a wage--I thank Bob Duschene for believing in me and giving me a shot all those years ago. But a lot has changed in the business since then, and although it hasn't all been easy, I'm blessed to have been a part of radio history in Maine. But who's to say it's over? There's always a chance that I'll pop up on some frequency is like that in the broadcast biz.

So, where am I going? You know, it's funny how life can come full circle. I first started my full-time broadcasting career at WVII ABC7 television in Bangor after graduating from the New England School of Broadcasting at the tender age of thirty. I primarily sold TV advertising, but I worked a bit in production too, providing voices for commercials and promos, and lending a technical hand from time to time. Well, after my longtime friend and Q-106.5 weekender, Gene (JJ West) Hardin, passed away suddenly, I was offered to help pick up where he left off at ABC7/Fox22--his full-time job. I was honored to even be considered, but a bit overwhelmed at the same time. Gene's work ethic and knowledge of the industry is legendary in Maine broadcasting. His voice has been one of the most recognizable in Maine radio and TV history since the 70's, so it was something I didn't take lightly. But I feel that Gene would have wanted me to step in and takeover. So now you know the story.

And by the way, please keep Gene's lovely wife, Judi, and all of his beautiful kids and grand kids in your thoughts and prayers. You can imagine how tough it must be with such a loss, especially this holiday season. Gene sure loved his family.

So, to JR, Cindy, and Vanessa, it's been a great ride. We've been through a lot together (let's keep those stories between us, okay?). I've always treasured your friendship through the years, and I will miss you terribly. Who knows when this crazy business will draw us back together again...if ever. I love ya.

To my Townsquare family: Thom and Sabrina Osborne, Dorian Daniels, DJ Fred Miller, Paul Wolfe, Arlen "Kid" Jameson, Chuck Foster, Dale Duff, Clem Labree, Chris Popper, Andy Soule, Tom Preble, Dan Groshon, Kathy Hardy, Josh Whinery, Jeff Tuttle, Lisa Miller, Jessica Bloodsworth, Katie Doak, Greg Sullivan, Paul Fickett, Teresa Kleiner, Amie Houtari, and Dakoda Henderson, I will also miss you like there's no tomorrow. It's rare that a man can have so many caring and incredible friends all at one time. I'm blessed, for sure.

And to all you fans of Q-106.5, I'm forever grateful for your loyalty. Your love for country music and the on-air staff has kept it at the top of the radio heap for decades. Without you, the "Q" is nothing. Please welcome the new voices to come with open ears as you welcomed me and my voice all those years ago. There's a lot of great things to come in the upcoming year with Townsquare Media...a few incredible surprises too. You'll want to stick around.

Lastly, but certainly not least, thanks to my lovely bride, Shirley. I'm thankful you're still by my side after all my crazy years in broadcasting. I'm glad our partnership is still rock solid. I thank God for you for everyday.

So goodbye, God bless, Merry Christmas, and may the New Year be filled with love, good health, and much success.

Look out ABC7/Fox 22, here I come!