If that sounds a bit like an old George Carlin skit, yes, you're right. And I felt the same way when I saw this post from the National Weather Service out of Caribou. But as I read a bit more into their little statement, it's totally true, if not a bit disconcerting.

At first, I thought it was just another forecast, but when I realized that the amount of daylight we have during the day is about to plummet, because of this whole rapid darkening thing, I got a little sad inside. Maybe even a bit angry. It's like a cruel game. I didn't need this kind of succinct explanation. Mother Nature already bakes us to death in the warm, humid oven of unhappiness. Then, little by little, starts to quietly, almost imperceptibly, steal our precious daylight hours.

Now we all know this means one thing.....the stupid winter season is right around the corner. A month ago when I got up at 5:00a.m. it was bright and sunny, and the birds were making me angry with their pre-dawn songs. Now it's just quiet and dark and even the annoying birds seem to be sleeping in more.

We'll lose the bulk of our daylight between right now, and the end of October. Not to mention when we set the blasted clocks back! It's a conspiracy I tell you!!! The only saving grace is that by the time Christmas has come and gone and we're ringing in the New Year, days will already be getting longer again. Unfortunately, just as slowly and imperceptibly as they disappeared.

*Sigh*........Insert sad face emoji here. See you next spring!