Winter is on the way, whether (see what I did there) we like it or not. The snow will fly, the temps will drop.... And the National Weather Service is hoping you might be able to help them keep track of the weather all over the state.

According to a post on the NWS Caribou Facebook page, they are offering some classes to show you the ropes of the things they are looking for. They have two webinars on October 22nd, and November 9th, and some in-class sessions as well. They will be held on November 8th in Caribou, November 15th in Bangor, and another to in Calais, with a date to be determined.

Across the country, there are almost 300,000 volunteers giving weather info to the NWS. A lot of the spotters are ham radio operators, dispatchers, EMT's, and public utility workers. As well as a good amount of concerned citizens who just want to help out. Is this you?

It's a chance to really help the National Weather Service out, and help keep their reporting more accurate. And, it's a fairly small commitment on your part, with a huge payoff for them! Plus, science is wicked cool! So reach out today and sign up for one these classes, and just sit back and wait for winter to show up!


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