A Brewer-based National Guard unit is preparing to deploy to Africa in 2021, a mission they've been preparing for over the past three years.

B Company, 3rd Battalion, 172nd Infantry Regiment (Mountain) is comprised of about 140 soldiers from across the state, and is part of the multi-state 86th Infantry Brigade Combat Team. Captain Lane Wiggin, the former commander of B Company said in a media release that their hard work 'culminated with a very successful collective training exercise at the Joint Readiness Training Center this past Spring.' He goes on to say he's confident that they will be well-prepared for the mission.

Corporal Carl Lamb told us the exact time frame is not available but it will, most likely, be a twelve-month deployment. In total, however, the multi-state 86th will provide about 2,500 soldiers to a variety of locations, including the U.S. Central Command, U.S. Africa Command, and U.S. European Command.

B Company specializes in mountain warfare and trains in mountaineering techniques, to include rappelling, climbing, and cold weather survival. It was last deployed in 2009 with the entire 86th Brigade Combat Team to Afghanistan and was attached to the 101st Airborne Division.

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