Nashville left quite a few of its major characters hanging in limbo after its mid-season finale, and from the looks of a new trailer, the show is building toward some explosive moments of reckoning and resolution when it comes back for its final run of episodes.

Main characters including Juliette Barnes, Deacon Claybourne, Scarlett O'Connor and more were at all various crossroads when we saw them last, and the drama-filled new clip promises more to come as Juliette struggles to make things right between herself and her husband, Avery, who seems to be considering a new direction both personally and professionally. Avery and Gunnar also square off, while Deacon confronts his father. Scarlett might be sparking a new romance, while it looks like Daphne might be subject to exploitation by a scheming industry insider.

Nashville is approaching the end of its sixth and final season, with the final string of episodes set to launch June 7 on CMT. The show has shaken things up for Season 6,  introducing five new cast members to interact with the longtime cast to make the final season especially memorable.

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Production for the show will wrap in April, and series star Charles Esten — who plays Deacon — know how he wants the show to end.

"I picture somebody [new] pulling up in the final shot," Esten tells USA Today. "Somebody's coming to town the minute somebody's leaving. That's how it is [in Nashville], and that's the beauty of it."

The cast of Nashville will say goodbye to their namesake city with a special farewell concert at the Grand Ole Opry on March 25, and they embark on a farewell tour of the U.K. from April 14-21.

Esten plans to continue living in Music City with his family after the show comes to an end.

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