Music to Life is a national nonprofit founded by Blue Hill’s Noel Paul Stookey formerly of the folk trio Peter, Paul & Mary,

The Mellon Foundation  has  awarded a $500,000 grant  to fund its signature Accelerator programs for social justice musicians.

The grant will enable Music to Life to create up to 4 national Accelerator Academies.

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The academies will be created over the next 3 years and will recruit  musicians to engage in an 8 month intensive program. The musicians will come from all geographies, genres and generations.

Those recruited will received business skills training in strategic planning, organizing, management and fundraising to develop and execute their music along with social justice driven concepts.

Through mentorship these musicians will receive training and a matching grant as they collaborate with community partners and identify funding to bring their concepts to life.

For these past 60 years, I have been a participating witness to the power of music to change lives,

said Noel Paul Stookey.

This grant from the Mellon Foundation confirms Music to Life's leadership role in mentoring the social change artist's transition from inspiring performance to constructive community engagement

Music to Life’s Accelerators mobilize musicians to develop sustainable, music-driven programs for communities facing persistent economic, environmental and racial injustice.

With the Mellon Foundation’s support, Music to Life will train up to 75 musicians each year.

Musicians in our network learn how to make a living while also making change,

said Elizabeth Stookey Sunde, executive director of Music to Life and daughter of Noel Paul Stookey.

Music to Life’s first national Accelerator will launch in early 2023.

Social justice musicians with compelling ideas for community change and other interested allies are encouraged to join Music to Life's mailing list.

Learn more at

And Noel Paul Stookey will perform this Saturday evening at 7 pm at Central Hall Commons at 152 E Main Street in Foxcroft. He's 84 now and he continues his contribution to America's musical history

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