Scott and I were greeted with a mess when we arrived at work before dawn this morning. But at least the light still works!

When you're among the first people to arrive at work in the morning, it's always interesting. You never know what you're going to find. Perhaps someone left a pot of coffee on too long and the whole third floor smells like burnt beans. Or they forgot to flush a toilet and it smells like....well....I won't go into detail!

But this wasn't what Scott and I expected when we arrived at work, after a winter storm. I expected we'd have some trouble unlocking our back door. But, thanks to a new keypad cover installed by our amazing Engineer Andy, it worked great! Snow wasn't an issue, because of our wonderful plow truck driver who had the whole back parking lot cleared when we came in.

Little did I know that the damage would be internal...and mysterious! There's an attic above our third floor, so it doesn't seem to be water damage. Plus, the insulation is in place, and so are the wires. Perhaps those 30-year-old ceiling tiles simply got tired and decided to let go. I mean, we all start to sag a bit as we get older, right?

Happy Wednesday, folks, and here's hoping you didn't suffer any damage from the storm!