If sleeping on the ground isn't your style, this new proposal in Surry could be just the ticket.

Glamping is something I'm hoping to try someday. I grew up going camping. We were always headed out for a weekend or longer, all summer long, and they're some of my favorite childhood memories. My family even packed up the camper and the station wagon and drove from Maine to California and back when I was 12 years old. We had a pop-up camper, in which my parents and brothers slept on the wings of the fold-out top and I slept on the collapsed table. Our camper had a mini-fridge, stove,a heater, a toilet, and a fold-down closet with a full-length mirror. I mean, it was pretty fancy compared to similar models.

But the new trend is for Glamping, where folks stay in a tent, but have an actual bed, with linens, and a stove to keep warm. The tents are built on wooden platforms, so you're not walking on rocks, and usually include an extended platform with deck chairs. Some even have private bathrooms. I think I like the idea. I mean, you can get 'back to nature' without actually having its imprint on your back when you wake up. Right?

Under Canvas has submitted a proposal to the town of Surry to build a glamping site, where, their website says, you can enjoy Acadia National Park during the day, and sip wine by the ocean at night. If approved, it will be the first Under Canvas site east of the Mississippi River. Maine has several other glamping sites, so I may not be able to wait for this one to be built to try it for myself. But I do think glamping near Acadia sounds like a cool vacation.

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