New nationwide survey about how financial issues affect the sleep we are getting, says Maine is the Top 10.

That's not good, but Paradise is the most affected state.  Perfect weather year-round if you love Sunny and 75.  A very laid back mentality.  Yet Hawaii is the state most affected when it comes to losing sleep because of financial hardships. Maybe because it is an expensive place to live.

And, Maine is at #10 in the country.  That’s not good.

The results are broken down to the actual numbers of people in various towns and how many are not getting good quality sleep because of money troubles.

Here are the top 5 Maine towns or cities named in the study:

  1. Calais: 724 people
  2. Presque Isle: 2,134 people
  3. Lewiston: 8,422 people
  4. Rumford: 1,321 people
  5. Belfast: 1,526 people

And the Top 5 counties with debt-related insomnia:

  • Washington - 24%
  • Aroostook - 23%
  • Androscoggin - 23%
  • Oxford - 23%
  • Waldo - 23%

Money can’t buy love. But money can cause sleep problems.

lose young women's sleep

21% of adults in Maine suffer from sleep deprivation due to money worries. So, money issues are not the only burden, but those issues weigh on us mentally and emotionally as well.

And it doesn’t stop there. The study reveals Sleep issues aren’t going away, and poor sleep has been associated with a multitude of physical and mental health issues.

One in 5 Mainers means that is over 285 thousand of us not getting a good night’s sleep because of our financial issues.

Real people facing real challenges. Anxiety about finances can spiral out of control and trigger other mental health issues. Stress can cause headaches, muscle tension, heart conditions, and sleep disturbances.


No simple answers, however, hopefully there is a way out for anyone in the situation.

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