I've never been arrested. I'd like to think I never will be, either. But I'm pretty sure if it was my time for some reason, I would cooperate fully with the police. If for no other reason, that I'd already be in enough trouble, and would want to minimize further trouble as much as possible. But sometimes, people just don't wanna follow the rules.

The Milo Police Department put out a post over the weekend on their Facebook page, detailing how they had two separate incidents over the weekend, of people that were not only resisting arrest, but they assaulted officers.

In what world could this possibly be a good idea? You're going to get in a whole lot of extra trouble, and I doubt it's seriously worth the tiny bit of street cred that it will earn you. Everywhere you go the rest of your life, assaulting an officer will dog you.

Like the Milo PD describes in their post, there are a number of things you can do after the fact if you want to dispute being arrested. And, you'll be able to make a statement. So you'll get your chance to make a case. But coming at an officer because you're wicked mad is just silly. And dangerous.

Cops don't know if you're armed. They don't know if you're having a health or mental health issue. But if you're flying at them, they will protect themselves from your threat. No question. So maybe do the police a favor... cooperate, and wait for the right time and place to get yourself out of trouble.

Otherwise, you might get into way more trouble than you bargained for.

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