A Vassalboro couple lost their home to fire while they were out delivering Meals on Wheels.

At a point where some Mainers are relying on the home-delivered food, Ron and Sandra Goguen are active members of the community, spending time taking meals to folks who are housebound. While the husband and wife, who are both in their 70's, were out doing their deliveries on Thursday, a neighbor called to tell them that their house was on fire.

The Goguen's lost the mobile home they were renting, all their belongings, and their 5-week-old kitten is also believed to have perished in the fire. Centralmaine.com reports one of their neighbors noticed the smoke and, believing that one of them was inside, tried to break into the house.

Fighting the fire on Bradstreet Road was difficult, according to firefighters, because the home's metal roof made it impossible to vent. Officials say the Goguen's do have renters' insurance.



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