The folks at Manna in Bangor expect to feed hundreds of people on Christmas day and, while the entree is taken care of, they're in desperate need of pies.

It will be a mixed bag of traditional and non-traditional celebrations at the Brick Church in Bangor on Christmas Day. Traditional because Santa will be paying a visit, and kids will receive some gifts. Non-traditional because the entree will be lasagna. But, hey, that's a non-traditional holiday meal we can get behind. I mean, who doesn't like lasagna?

They even have enough volunteers to dish it all out. What they're lacking are pies. Every holiday meal needs to end with pie. Why, just last night I had a delicious piece of coconut cream pie at my in-law's house, after a tasty Christmas meal. Manna isn't picky about what kind of pie is donated, so go with what you love. Apple, pumpkin, blueberry, or chocolate cream. As long as it's pie, they'll be grateful to receive your donations, which can be dropped off at the Brick Church, 126 Union Street in Bangor.

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