Mama Moose was going to have none of that!

Check out this video of a trucker working a woods road somewhere here in Maine.  He comes across a mother moose and her two little ones just meandering down the road.  Instead of just waiting for her to get back into the woods, the trucker tries his best to get by.

The truck driver eventually makes his way by the moose family, but not before Mama attacks the truck a couple of times!  You can't blame her, she was just protecting her young ones.

The funny part of the video is the ending, when mother is chasing the truck off down the road, and the driver just can't seem to get the truck up to speed fast enough. I'd say that the driver was actually a little scared at that point.

Please remember, no matter how much of a hurry that you're in, let our state's wildlife live in peace!

Mama Moose Damages Truck!Holy Crapsticks! A couple of fellas are headed down a dirt road when they run into Mama Moose with her 2 Babies. They just want to get by, but Mama Moose isn't having it! It may be a road, but today it's a Moose Trail! "You can't get theya from heah"

Posted by Maine Swap-N-Sell on Wednesday, August 26, 2015