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The snow is upon us yet again here in Maine, so unless you have a garage (lucky!) you're going to have to spend a little extra time clearing all the snow and ice from your car.

Of course, even people with garages get caught out in the snow once in a while, so really this is for everyone.

First off, when there's lots of snow, there's nothing better than a big push broom to sweep it off your car. Plus, it even makes clearing off the top of your car a lot easier when a hand-held brush just won't do the job. Just make sure your broom is clean before you use it on your car. You don't want any scratches!

Okay, this is an easy one. Before you venture outside, put on some gloves (and other appropriate cold-weather gear.) We've all been bare-handed out there, and it's no fun. The snow gets all over your hands and you end up freezing your fingers off. Plus, when you're cold, you're even crankier about clearing off your car. With a pair of warm, waterproof gloves, you'll have no worries.

I know we said a hand-held brush sometimes isn't tough enough to do the job. But, sometimes it is! Plus, you don't want to carry around a push broom in your car all the time. This one's extendable, but be careful not to overwork it by trying to clear off a lot of snow at once. This one also has a scraper at the other end. That's key.

Having a good ice scraper is key to clearing off your windshield (and don't forget the side and rear windows.) To make it even easier, make sure to start your car and put on the defroster to help things along. Plus, when your're finished clearing off your car, the inside will be nice and warm and you drive to work.

Yes, we get a lot of snow in Maine, but winters here also come with a lot of ice. We couldn't find any elbow grease on Amazon. You'll need varying amounts of that is precisely commensurate with the thickness of the ice. But, we did find something else that can make the ice melt quicker. This spray deicer can't hurt, right?

If you want to avoid clearing your windshield altogether, you can get yourself a windshield cover. Take it off, and voila! The snow is gone.

Now, you can't forget to get your mirrors! The smaller, hand-held scraper also is good for this, but if you want to avoid this part altogether, with a little forethought, you can cover your mirrors, too.

Sometimes, between cleaning off your car and clearing your driveway, you can be outside for an hour or more. It's prove fact that time goes quicker when you're listening to your favorite music. But you don't want wires getting in your way when you're working. That's why these wireless earbuds are just the ticket. Plus you can listen to your favorite radio station on our app. We'll help you get through the tough times this winter!

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