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Maine is a great place to spend Halloween. And Bangor, home of Stephen King, is the best places to be for the spookiest holiday season of the year.

Here are 10 great Maine-themed Halloween costumes to bring out the Maine-iac in you.

Here's an easy one. Paul Bunyan is one of Bangor's biggest residents. If you stand real still in this costume, you can say you're the city's famous statue on Main Street. You also will need a bushy beard, though.

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Paul Bunyan's trusty companion isn't here in Bangor just yet, but who knows? If some have their way, a mighty statue of Babe the Blue Ox could be next to Bangor's famous lumberjack sooner rather than later. You can be ahead of the curve.

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This lobster looks like it's already been cooked. That's okay. If you were mottled greenish brown, nobody would know what you were.

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With 3,478 miles of coastline, Maine has a rich fishing tradition. Again, if you want to complete the look, you might want to consider the bushy beard.

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From the mountains to the coast, visitors from away arrive each summer to enjoy the state's natural beauty. If you're trick-or-treating in this getup, you can ask everyone you meet directions to the next house.

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But, of course the mighty moose is on the list. It's Maine's state animal after all. Heck, if you wear this costume, you might even fool some of the tourists. (See No. 5.) via Amazon

The mascot of the state's flagship university certainly says "Maine." If you wanted to go the mascot route, you could even add a University of Maine T-shirt and go as Banana's scary cousin, Earl. via Amazon

Maine is know for its outdoors traditions like hunting and fishing. Better keep the blaze orange vest and hat though so you don't blend into the background too much.

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9. Potato

Who wouldn't want to be Maine's favorite tuber for Halloween? This guy looks pretty naked under this costume, but we suggest you wear at least one layer underneath. It gets pretty cold on Halloween in Maine.

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Black flies are pests during the summer, but at Halloween, they don't seem so bad. We guarantee you will create a buzz at any Halloween party with this kind-of creepy costume.

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BONUS: Pennywise

Speaking of creepy, we had to include one really scary, Stephen King-inspired costume in this list. Creepy clowns are some of the scariest things around, and Pennywise is the king of creepy clowns.

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