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I'm sure there are plenty of pet owners out there who already know what I'm about to discuss, and have already taken the right steps to protect Fido. But for those who don't know, it's actually a pretty big deal which salt you use to de-ice your driveway and walkways. The wrong kind could literally be dead wrong, according to WABI - TV5.

Most brands contain sodium chloride or calcium chloride. If your pet were to swallow it, it could be fatal. And, it doesn't really take that much at all. All it takes is one ounce of salt for every two pounds your pet weighs. So your little 4 pound animal only needs to accidentally ingest two ounces of salt to be dangerous. That's not a lot at all.

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Also, from the same chemicals, pets could also get burns on their paws, which can be uncomfortable for them, to say the least. And they could also get sick from licking the salt off the blisters on their feet. Which would then be a double whammy. Burns on their little paws, and salt poisoning.

The good news is, after a quick Google search I found several brands of pet-friendly melting agents that were available at many stores near us like Lowe's, Aubuchon, and Petco. And it's also easy to find online for sale. So you do have plenty of options. It may cost a few more bucks, but if it's better for our beloved pets....

Here are some pet-safe options from our friends at Amazon:

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