Saturday's expected extreme cold conditions have prompted organizers of Maine's Wilderness Sled Dog Race to postpone it by a day.

What Is the Wilderness Sled Dog Race?

Each year, sled dog teams gather in the Moosehead region for the Wilderness Sled Dog Race, which begins and ends at the Leisure Life Resort in Greenville. Ordinarily, there are two treks that teams can take, including a 35-mile race and a 70-mile race. Surrounding the main event are a variety of activities for spectators, including a silent auction at the resort, and viewing areas along the route where people can watch the action. This video from last year's event will give you an idea of what to expect at the race.

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How Has This Year's Event Changed?

But this year, the event is changing things up a bit, in part due to the less than ideal weather conditions expected on Saturday. Organizers have decided to push the race to Sunday in order to keep the sled teams and the spectators safe from the extreme temperatures and dangerous wind chills. The restaurant will still be open, however, and the silent auction will be set up so people can bid on a variety of items, donated by local sponsors, including gift cards from area businesses.

When Does the Race Start?

In addition, there has been a change to the route that's not attributed to the weather. According to the event's website, the two races have been combined. This decision is due to a low turnout of participants who signed up for the 70-mile race. Now, all teams will compete in the 35-mile course, which will leave from the Leisure Life Resort at 9:30 Sunday morning.

Sled Dog racing is more common in Maine than many realize and was actually the subject of a Maine filmmaker's movie, 'True North Legends of Dogs and Men.' I wish good luck to all the mushers in Sunday's race and hope you enjoy the beautiful winter woods of the Moosehead region.

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