The smack heard around the world gets a very funny response from Uncle Bobby!

By now, a few days into this, we are all a little fatigued with the Chris Rock/Will Smith viral moment at the Academy Awards on Sunday night, but one hysterical dude from the 207, decided to get his two cents in on the matter because after all, he is a comedian himself.

Maine’s most beloved stand-up, Bob Marley, posted a hilarious video to his social media early on Monday morning, to express his thoughts on Slapgate, and he dug up his motorcycle helmet to wear in the clip, because as he says, he has a show coming up this weekend, and well, ya never know. He goes on to mention that he offends members of his family all the time, but has nothing for love for everyone.

This story isn't going away anytime soon, so have a laugh or two with his unique perspective on one of the craziest live television moments of all-time

Speaking of Bob’s upcoming gigs, here is his lineup for his scheduled stops in Maine. You can bet he will have some more to say on this issue

Sunday, April 3rd

Ogunquit-Jonathans @5:30pm & @ 8:00pm

Thursday, April 14th

Sanford-Nasson Community Center 6pm/ @ 8:00pm

Thursday, April 21st

Brownfield-Stone Mountain Arts Center

Friday, April 22nd

Scarborough-Clambake at Pine Point @ 6:30pm

Saturday, April 23rd

Scarborough-Clambake at Pine Point @ 6:00pm

Thursday, May 19th

Lewiston-Franco Center @ 6:00pm

Saturday, May 28th

Woolwich-Taste of Maine 6pm & @ 8:00pm

Saturday, June 18th

Dover-Foxcroft-Center Theatre @ 6:00pm

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