The countdown is on here in Maine. Many other states have already adopted the government-compliant Real ID's, and Mainers will finally have to get complaint. Otherwise, you won't be able to get on a plane, or enter secured federal buildings, unless you also just happen to be carrying your passport as well. And who does that?

The new ID's have a star inside a gold outline of the state. This will make them immediately recognizable to anyone who looks at it. Getting the new identification will also require a trip to the DMV, where you'll be getting a new photograph, and you'll also need proof of your identity and address. The fee will be $55 for licenses, and a regular ID will cost $35.

Here's a checklist of what you'll need according to the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles:

Photo via Maine BMV
Photo via Maine BMV

So remember, you've got pretty much exactly one year. So get your booty over to the DMV and get yourself hooked up. Otherwise, you'll try throwing a fit at the airport, and end up on YouTube as one of those people who yells at customer service agents just trying to do their job. Don't be that guy. Or girl.


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