Health officials are cautioning Mainers to keep their marijuana edibles away from children and teens.

It's a growing problem in Maine. Last year, the Northern New England Poison Control Center was called 16 times for accidental marijuana ingestion. That's compared to only 2 calls the year before. Officials say pot is much more accessible, and that means parents need to be extra vigilant about protecting their children from getting into it.

A website called 'Good to Know Maine' offers tips on marijuana, including about how to store your edibles so the kids can't get into them. Of course, safe storage away from children may not be effective deterrents for teens, so parents want to keep that in mind. And it's not just people that health officials are concerned about. Pot-laced food is also dangerous to pets.

Signs of accidental ingestion include problems walking or sitting up, difficulty breathing, and becoming sleepy. Anyone who thinks their child may have ingested pot accidentally should call the poison control hotline at 1-800-222-1222. If the reaction seems bad enough to need immediate attention, call 911 or take the child to the nearest emergency room.

The website also details marijuana laws and health consequences. All information that's Good to Know.

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