After an Old Orchard Beach Police Officer went above and beyond to help a local man, the satisfied citizen took to Facebook to say thanks.

It seems all we see in the media, lately, are negative stories about encounters between people of color and police officers. So this positive story from a black man, who was stopped by an Old Orchard Beach Police Officer, really made me smile.

Marvin Jenkins had a surgical boot on his foot on the day he registered his vehicle, but didn't immediately attach the plates because he didn't have the screw inserts he needed. By the time he got done grocery shopping, he was pretty tired of dragging that boot around, and figured he'd head home, not even thinking about the fact that his car didn't have any license plates. So, when Officer Angelo Sellitto turned on his blue lights behind Jenkins' car, he pulled over and expected the cruiser to pass by. But it didn't.

His driver's side window doesn't work, so Jenkins opened his door to ask why he was being pulled over. It's a simple thing, but could set some officers ill at ease, given the current climate between people of color and police. When Sellitto asked Jenkins why he didn't have plates on his car, Jenkins explained the situation and said the plates were in the backseat, under the groceries, and asked if he could get them. Sellitto said yes. Again, as he dug through the bags to retrieve the plates, it occurred to Jenkins that this is the kind of situation that could be perceived as troubling to some officers. But he felt there was an immediate trust between them.

He was right. Sellitto not only didn't give Jenkins a ticket, the officer accompanied him to a nearby shop and helped him get his plates put on his vehicle, in order to avoid getting pulled over again. The officer even paid for the screw inserts out of his own wallet. Jenkins was so moved by his generosity and kindness, that he reached out to the Chief of Police and told his story on the Old Orchard Beach Police Department's Facebook page. 

Thank you, Mr. Jenkins, for sharing your story. I'll keep it in my heart, as a reminder that there is goodness in the world. And thank you, Officer Angelo Sellitto, for being one of the good guys. We appreciate all that you do.


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