To say Maine veteran Shawn Doc Goodwin is a humble guy is the understatement of the year.

Doc founded the Maine Veterans Project, a nonprofit dedicated to providing services to Maine veterans and their families. We'll get to all they do, but first, when I asked Doc to chat with me on the radio, he said,

"Sure, just don't make it about me, make it about us."

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That is what makes Doc so endearing. Sorry, Doc. I'm talking about you. You and your sense of community. It is amazing.

Courtesy Doc Goodwin
Courtesy Doc Goodwin

When Doc and I talked, way back when about a community project, he summarized a complex issue very succinctly.

Doc talked about veterans returning from their tours of duty, and getting them reintegrated into society. He expressed how suicides among returning veterans are much higher than they used to be.

So what to do?

Get veterans together by holding events, and creating comradery among others who have similar experiences, and that might help in getting veterans who are experiencing a more difficult adjustment back into society, on a better path.

That is part of the reason that the Maine Veterans Project does so many community events. So vets can attend and meet other vets they didn't know, which builds friendships and a support group to bond with during difficult times. That's community. And that's Doc.

Maine Veterans Project is also known for helping veterans who need a vehicle to help their adjustment back to civilian life more smoothly.

They also help veterans who are in need of assistance in heating their homes and the expense of that over a Maine winter.

This year is going to be a difficult year for all when it comes to the cost of heating their homes. As Doc explained this morning on Q106.5, In a normal year the project of M.V.P. dealing with heating fuel is just getting started. This year, already they have provided 1,060 gallons to Vets in need. That’s 6 times any previous year so far. And the season is just getting started.

What is coming next? How will they keep up?

That’s why we told Doc we would try to help raise the much-needed funds to pay for more heating fuel than Maine Veterans Project has ever come up with.

There is an event coming up in Brewer next Saturday the 19th. A 5k Fun Run/Walk to benefit Maine Veterans Project

Registration starts at 8am. The event at 9 a.m. at Triumph Professional Cleaning Services at 391 N Main Street Brewer. Registration is $25. Money goes to heating homes this winter for veterans who are in need.

Doc will also be at Smoke & Steel BBQ in Bangor this afternoon participating in Veterans Day events to raise money for the cause

And then at High Tide in Brewer after 4 p.m. for a new beer release.  Battle Buddies will be officially released by Marsh Island Brewing today. All vets are welcome. As is anyone. Beer drinker or not.

Learn more about Maine Veterans Project here.

Doc Goodwin and all who step up to make the Maine Veterans Project work, we as a community thank you. Thank you for your service. And thank you for that continued community service.

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