Maine's Bureau of Motor Vehicles is offering a new, non-binary gender option for state-issued identification.

The term 'non-binary' applies to anyone who does not strictly identify as male or female. The BMV is working on technology that will allow for an 'X' to be placed under the gender category of Maine state-issued driver's licenses and ID cards, but it won't be in place until next summer.

In the meantime, anyone identifying as non-binary can submit a completed Gender Designation Form and the BMV will issue a sticker for the license or ID that reads: 'Gender has been changed to X - non-binary.' Those forms can be turned in at any Bureau of Motor Vehicles office. There is no charge for the stickers for any existing license or ID.

Anyone requiring a license renewal or duplicate license will receive it with the sticker already affixed. In that case, the standard renewal and duplicate license fees will apply.

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