The Maine Science Festival, that will be held in Bangor next month, is looking for some behind-the-scenes volunteers.

Each year, the STEM-based three-day festival is held in and around Downtown Bangor. The majority of the festival's events are held at the Cross Insurance Center, but there are several off-site and 'pop-up' type locations, as well.

Topics this year range from 'Donut Holes to Earmuffs," which will deal with things invented in Maine, to 'Science vs UFO's', which is the featured event. A lot of the activities are hands-on and will find fun ways to educate people of all ages. An overview of this year's topics can be found on the Maine Science Festival website, and a complete schedule will be posted soon.

Executive Director Kate Dickerson tells me that volunteers are needed for this year's festival. There are a variety of positions that need to be filled, from crowd control to circulating petitions, and everything in between. Find more information about how to get involved by emailing