When Maine winter weather has you questioning if you should travel the roads, here's a few real-time online resources for you to see how the roads are looking with your own eyes and with information that could have you thinking twice about taking on the Maine roads during messy weather.

Maine's camera network on our roads

The Maine Department of Transportation has a webpage dedicated to the cameras on the interstate and various intersections throughout the State of Maine. At any time, you can see how traffic is flowing and how the roads are looking right now.

There are 70 cameras peeking in on Maine's roads that you can check out including Wiscasset's Downtown, the Dickey Bridge over the St. John River, Bangor's mile marker 185 northbound, Newport at 157 southbound, Gardner at 49 southbound, Yarmouth at the 17-mile marker, and Portland before ramp 6A southbound, just to name a few.


Checking out the MaineDOT Camera Webpage

You can get to the cameras in your area by visiting the webpage, clicking the menu icon, and finding the roads near you that you need to know about right now. There seem to be a couple of cameras for every specific location.

Cameras for the Turnpike, too

And if you are traveling on the Maine Turnpike, there are cameras specific to this Maine roadway for those in Southern Maine or for those traveling through this part of Maine to get to Northern Maine or to get beyond the Southern Maine border. Visit the separate page on Maine Turnpike's website to see those cameras.

And one more real-time tool to see road conditions

One other resource to check out if you are not sure about road conditions is the NewEngland511.org website which shares emergency announcements and incidents and construction info. You can even check to see if the driving conditions are fair, difficult, or hazardous in the areas you plan on traveling in. Zoom-in and regular updates are a feature of the interactive map and are very helpful on bad winter weather days here in the Pine Tree State.

The great thing is that you have plenty of tools to help you out when the Maine weather seems to be working against us travelers in the wintertime.

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