Feel like you receive A LOT of robocalls? Well in Maine we do. According to one website, Maine nearly leads the nation in being bothered by robocalls.

Some days it seems like most of the numbers that pop up on our phones is flagged with "Potential Spam." That extended warrantee that you never bought for your vehicle seems to always be expiring, or needs to be updated. Or some rich Nigerian prince wants to give you tons of cash, and a new car, that will need a sweet extended warrantee. Well there's evidentially data to back up Mainers frustration with constant robocalling -- we nearly lead the country in receiving robocalls.

According to the website WhistleOut, Maine ranks second in the country in being bothered by robocalls. Arizona received most of the 45,866,949,500 robocalls placed in 2020, with Virginia ranking third. The website says they looked at the amount of “Do Not Call” complaints registered by the Federal Trade Commission per state, and the amount of Robocalls made per capita around the country.

WhistleOut says "Why would Robocallers want to bother the chill folks of Maine? After Maine comes Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware. The madness just continues from there. However, amidst the madness we did find a pattern: Of the top ten most bothered states, half of them line the east coast."

The states least bothered by robocalls are Alaska, followed by Mississippi, and North Dakota.

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