I have been mocked and ridiculed (and understandably so because there is so much to do in Maine), but as a new resident of this great state, I want to see a puffin - and I am BAFFLED by how many Mainers have never seen one.

It is the one state in the contiguous U.S. that actually has puffins. I'm referring to the bird, BTW, and NOT the puffins that are also in states like Colorado and the state that I just moved from California. I have a goal to not only see a puffin but to assist every person who lives in beautiful Maine to, in fact, see a puffin.

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How Hard is it to Actually See a Puffin in Maine?

I've heard it is challenging to see a puffin. I get it. You need to get on a boat and boats are not for everyone. For this moron who just traversed the USA from SoCal, getting on a boat will be a small feat. If the water isn't for you, you can watch the Puffin Cam.

When is the Best Time to See Puffins in Maine?

Okay, we share the same dream to see a puffin and now I've inspired you. Everyone knows Maine is the state to visit in the summer and fall. These are the best months and times to actually see a puffin.

Maine Locations for the Best Puffin Viewing Opportunities

Boothbay Harbor Boat Tours & Whale Watch | Cap'n Fish's Cruises offers affordable cruises out to the islands to see where the elusive puffins are hiding and along the way you may see seals, whales, and lobster hauls to witness where you get all that delicious "Maine" food!

Maine's Eastern Egg Rock
Google Maps

Matinicus Rock - You can book tours out of here, too, but also see one of Maine's most historic lighthouses and learn about one of her most famous teenagers. 

Google Maps
Google Maps

Machias Seal Island and Petit Manan also offer similar puffin viewing opportunities. Bar Harbor Whale Watch Company offers a tour to Petit Manan. It's unsurprisingly one of their most popular tours.

Whatever route you do use, I hope that you find YOUR puffin, and here are some final tips in order to make your puffin story a successful one. I know I won't stop until I find mine. My puffin is the main reason, that I am in Maine.

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