Maine is best in America for variety of arts, entertainment, and recreation! Here's how we did over all on the fun scale!

With summer coming Wallet Hub decided to determine which states were the funnest so you could plan to travel there this summer. Fortunately for Mainers we don't have to travel far! Turns out Maine is a pretty fun state! But you already knew that, right?

Maine comes in as the 11th most fun state in the country! With high rankings for most restaurants per capita, performing arts theaters per capita, golf courses and country clubs, movie theatre prices, and amusement parks per capita, Maine should be first!

According to the data shown Nevada is the most fun state in America, with South Dakota, and Colorado in 2nd and 3rd. It should also be noted that Maine is the most fun state in New England. Vermont was next on the list at 14th funnest state. New Hampshire ranked as the 19th funnest, Rhode Island is 24th, Massachusetts is 26th, and Connecticut 37th.

While the most fun to spell, Mississippi is apparently the least fun state. See the full list and rankings here!

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