A Maine man needs your votes today to win a motorcycle, that he would build with Paul Teutel, Sr. of Orange County Choppers.

Jason Gaudette is a big fan of the show that creates some of the most amazing and unique motorcycles ever made. Okay, I'm a big fan of the show too, so there may be a little fan gushing going on in this article. Originally Paul Senior and his namesake son built the bikes together. There was a lot of arguing and strife, however, and Junior finally went out on his own. But I digress.

Gaudette is a Maine native and member of the Exiles motorcycle club. His father, William 'Animal' Gaudette was also an Exile, and stayed in the club, even after being put in a wheelchair. Motorcycles are Jason's passion and building a unique chopper with Paul Senior would be a dream come true.

According to his entry page on the Dream Chopper website, Jason's dream bike would be an old Indian Chief, with suicide shifter. He says if he wins, he'd like to ride the bike from Maine to Alaska, which is the same route his step-father took with his father's ashes.

The only way Gaudette can win is with your votes, which can be registered here. He's the only Mainer who made it to the finals, and we'd love to see him win. Unfortunately, we're late to the party and the voting ends on December 3rd. So get all your friends and family to vote for him now, so he can see his dream come true. We're hoping, if he does win, that he'll send us pictures of the experience, so we can share them with you.

Good luck, Jason!

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