I can't say I'm necessarily a huge fan of sports. I mean, if the Pats are in the Super Bowl, sure I'll watch the game. I'll watch the Sox in the series etc. But for some reason, I could watch those crazy survival shows on cable all day, every day. I think Les Storud, Bear Grylls, and all those people are pretty cool.

I have zero survival skills, and always watch these shows hoping that if I ever got into a crazy situation like that, it might give me the tiniest bit of insight as to what to do. But Ryan Holt from Roxbury, Maine already has those skills ten times over. And now, he gets to put them to use, just like the big guys, on the Discovery Channel.

He's going to appear on a solo challenge on Discovery's Naked & Afraid. He's been on the show before actually. Ryan completed a regular 21-day challenge, and had a partner that tapped out at Day 16, but he finished. Then he did a 40-day challenge with 12 other contestants, but left after getting food poisoning.

This time, according to the BDN, Ryan is taking on a new challenge in South Africa where he'll be all alone and fending for himself, putting all his skills as a survivalist that he learned in the Marines, and in survival school. that's actually how he became involved. His instructor was a consultant for Naked & Afraid.

Id you wanna see Ryan Holt in action, tune into the Discovery Channel on January 26th, at 8:00pm. The first half of the show will be a look back at Ryan's previous experiences on the show, and how he got to the present. The second half of the show will be his current adventure in South Africa.

I know what channel my TV will be on that night. Let's all tune in to watch a fellow Mainer show the rest of the world how tough we can be. Well, at least how tough some of us can be. Good luck Ryan!

Here's a clip from his last adventure when he was in South Africa before on the 'Naked & Afraid XL' challenge. HE had some trouble with some very large, unwanted guests.


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