Mainers are no stranger to solitude, but one Machias man is taking being alone to another level. As the new show's teaser says "The mind, when left alone is an interesting thing to watch".

Photo:Billy, via Youtube
Photo:Billy, via Youtube

New show "The Watch" will premier tomorrow night at 10PM featuring a small cast who live alone in remote environments as cameras watch their every move. It seems like big brother, only with one person. One of the cast members will be a Machias man named Bill Kitchen, or Billy as he is called on the show.

Billy will be living totally alone and isolated in an abandoned amusement park, that some believe to be haunted, for an entire summer. The Lake Shawnee Amusement Park is located in Princeton, West Virginia. The park was abandoned in 1966 and is now a place where curious thrill seekers trespass to vandalize or hunt for ghosts.

Billy will spend his time living in a motor home on the property with certain tasks assigned to him such as lawn mowing and fixing fences to keep the hooligans out while protecting the property from said hooligans armed only with a flashlight! His time there will be captured on 20 cameras mounted in various locations to catch his every move. Billy also gets his own handheld unit so he can give viewers a look from his point of view.

His time spent at the amusement park will really be isolating him from the rest of the world. No movies, music, TV, newspapers, or internet were allowed!

I can't wait to see how this goes!  After that first week I think I would lose my mind! I would probably become friends with the trees or something. Looks like things get pretty crazy for the other cast as well. Definitely a show I will be checking out!


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