A Waterville man traveled to California, allegedly to confront Google officials over the cancellation of his YouTube channel.

Kyle Long, 33, traveled to Iowa before police became alerted that there was something amiss. KGO-TV reports Long was involved in a minor car accident in Iowa on Friday, vandalized a gas station bathroom, and talked with Iowa State Troopers about his frustration with Google and the fact that his YouTube channel had been shut down.

Iowa Troopers alerted police in Mountain View, California, where Google has its headquarters. Maine Police also issued a warning after learning that Long had said that if things didn't go his way, he was possibly going to physically harm some of the executives at Google.

Mountain View Police were ready, with units set up in and around the Google complex and on major highways. In addition, they notified other Google campuses about Long's intentions. On Sunday, Long's truck was spotted near the interstate exit for Google's headquarters. A search of his vehicle turned up baseball bats and directions to Mountain View.

Kyle Long is charged with making criminal threats and is being held on $25,000 bail in the Santa Clara County Jail.

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