Last February there was a proposal issued by the State to replace Maine’s license plates with a new design.

The current Chickadee license plate could be replaced with a new Maine license plate based on the state flag from the early 1900s.

The idea to alter the license plate to one with the tree, came after the idea was proposed to change the state flag back to the earlier version.

Here is the proposed plate.

And as in most things proposed in today’s world, there are some who are strongly for the change, those who are strongly against the change, and those who have no strong opinion. Like most things suggested there are valid points on both sides of the idea.

The license plate proposal is no exception.

The chickadee plates have been in use for more than 20 years. And some plates have deteriorated yet are still in use on licensed autos.  Not a good thing.


Maine Secretary of State Shenna Bellows said:

From a public safety perspective, it is critically important that we change up the standard license plates for Maine vehicles,

License plates need to be easily visible by other drivers, toll authorities and law enforcement – and too many chickadee plates on the roads today are in rough shape given their age.


The Legislature’s Transportation Committee held a public hearing on the proposal yesterday.

The next step in the process is a work session on LD 1965 is scheduled for today at 1 p.m.

If everything works out the switch over to the new license plates will begin in March of 2025 and conclude at the end of February 2026.

Either way, could we all agree the loser of the license plate proposal could be a future specialty/vanity plate?

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