There's a bill in front of lawmakers to get rid of inspections completely.


The Portland Press Herald reports that the Legislature’s Transportation Committee had five bills that would either change the annual inspection or get rid of it. They narrowed it down to one bill sponsored by Sen. David Miramant, D-Knox. Miramant wants to eliminate inspections except for commercial vehicles, trailers, fire trucks and certain other vehicles.

Only 16 states have annual or biennial inspections. Yup...Maine is one of them.

Some lawmakers think that it should be up to each of us to keep our own car safe.

Great thought, but those for inspections say there are a lot of reasons to keep them and safety IS part of it. Of all the accidents in Maine, 3% are caused because of something wrong with the vehicle.


And then there is the money part. The Press Herald reported that Maine State Police Lt. Bruce Scott says...

Maine could lose millions of dollars in federal funding if it ended the emissions testing program required for vehicles in Cumberland County. That program makes the state eligible for federal funds for improving air quality. Maine also would lose about $3.5 million in revenues from its share of the inspection fee.


Ya know...there were proposals to change the inspection. Make it every other year, or make it that new cars don't have to be inspected for a couple of years. Getting rid of it altogether seems a bit drastic. I'm all for individual responsibility - but as we all know...we all aren't responsible...

Should Maine dump the annual inspection?


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