According to statistics released in 2014 for violent crimes, Lewiston and Portland had the highest numbers making them the most dangerous. But not anymore! 

As a way to polish their reputation, The Sun Journal in Lewiston has collected the data for violent crimes in Maine so far, with hopes that their new safety measures have helped decrease crime rates. The good news is Lewiston is now one of the safest cities in Maine. The bad news is a new city close to home is now considered the most dangerous.

Photo, Cindy Campbell, Townsquare Media
Photo, Cindy Campbell, Townsquare Media

In 2014, Bangor had 53.4 violent crimes per 1,000 residents compared to Portland's rate of 34.7. Meaning Bangor is now the most dangerous city in Maine including violent crime and other offenses such as larceny, burglary, motor vehicle theft and arson.

Violent crimes include murder, sexual assault, aggravated assault, and robbery.

In Bangor, the total for all violent crimes so far this year is 48 compared to 55 for all of 2014.

Portland falls in close behind Bangor with a large increase in bank robberies.