It’s my own fault.  My intent was to get gas on the way to work. But it’s 4 a.m., so it is easy to kick the can down the road and say to myself, I’ll get it when I leave work.

And then during work, the announcement came down from Washington D.C. that stated we were going to cease importing oil from Russia.

Boom. Up goes the price. Big time. Condolences.

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Scott Miller
Scott Miller

Sorry about the quality of my photo.  Positive note – at least it was sunny.

For the record, I have a smaller gas tank size than some do. Sorry if you have to fill up a vehicle that has a monster of a gas tank.  That’s a much bigger hit.

And for those that don’t want to do the math, the cost per gallon was $4.39 when I filled it up yesterday.

The cost of gasoline keeps going up. By the day. By the week. Within the past few weeks, Maine has experienced a 25% increase, minimum.

How high does it go? Do we even venture a guess?  We don’t want to think about what might be ahead.

In case you haven’t heard, there was a proposal in Augusta this week that would eliminate the state tax on gasoline for the duration of 2022. That’s about 30 cents a gallon.

That would be a lot of tax money that the state is missing out on, so we’ll see if that proposal becomes law.

Any way you look at it, the cost of gasoline is difficult for all of us. Hopefully, the drain on our wallets doesn’t go on much longer because it sure isn't pleasant. And it hurts to know the oil companies are making record profits.

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