How low will gas prices go? Gas prices are down. Come on groceries, follow the lead.

Hopefully, you didn’t have to fill up when it was over $5 a gallon too many times. $5 a gallon is and was a line that hurt us all to cross.

But maybe relief is in sight. AAA reports the average state-wide price of gasoline is $4.84 a gallon

At what point do we say okay it is back to where it should be. And what is that price? $4 a gallon?  $3 a gallon?  Are we just dreaming?

No idea why the price per gallon dropped in Maine by 10 cents per gallon, or why the national average in the country is $4.67.

But here is hoping whatever the reason, that trend continues.  Maybe we need a chant.

How low can it go. How low can it go

Is the price of gasoline based on supply and demand? Or does the Russia – Ukraine invasion affect it? Or is it that the worldwide price is controlled by whoever is in the White House. Or is it oil companies and their profit growth?

That’s a discussion for others, elsewhere.

It is just good news to see the signs at the gas station showing a number beginning with a 4 instead of a 5.  Now keep going. Please.

Today is National Blueberry Muffin Day, and I’m trying to scrape some dollars together to treat our co-workers.

Photo by Federica Gioia on Unsplash
Photo by Federica Gioia on Unsplash

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