This winter, in an effort to increase the visibility of the plow trucks out on the road, the Maine DOT and Maine Turnpike Authority have begun mounting flashing green lights to the trucks, in addition to the amber lights they already have, according to WGME - TV13.

At this time, this will only be on plows that tend to state roads. Individual towns may not have this new lighting. But lord knows, when the snow is howling about, visibility can be difficult at best. But these sweet new lights should help take care of that problem.

Since they had numerous accidents last year, stemming from people who hit plow trucks, but said they couldn't see them, the idea of adding green lights to increase visibility was welcome with open arms. The DOT hopes it will assist drivers in seeing the plow trucks from further away.

So if you're out and about in the coming weeks and see green flashing lights, now you know it's the plow trucks. And not an alien invasion of some kind with extra-terrestrials that are here with no other motive than to clear our roads. Although, that'd be pretty cool...

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