Dear Jerks of the World,

Did you know that it costs you nothing to be a good person? No, really. You can get up in the morning and decide, "Hey, I'm not going to be a complete stain on society," and nothing will come out of your pocket.

In fact, you may actually find that the world is a better place without your toxic behavior towards others.

I was appalled last week when I saw a Facebook post from Hilltop Stop, a convenience store in my beloved hometown of Damariscotta, Maine.

In the post, they described that they have some new employees who are training as cashiers. Anyone who has ever started a new job knows that there is a learning curve. One customer when interacting with one of these new employees went too far as to say, "Perhaps I should have purchased all the same items so your pea brain can figure it out."

Perhaps you should try to not be such a jerk. Again, it would cost you absolutely nothing.

Apparently, a select few customers have had problems with a sign asking that customers speak up due to hard-of-hearing employees and scoffing when asked to speak up. Masks have now rendered lip-reading impossible so the request to speak up, is, obviously, a reasonable one.

Heck, as someone who is not considered hard of hearing I sometimes have trouble making out what folks are saying.

As someone who has worked many years in customer service-related fields, this type of behavior doesn't surprise me but I do applaud Hilltop Stop for making a statement addressing this behavior. Oftentimes businesses stay silent as to not rock the boat. It's nice to see a company stand up for their workers.

So, if you're passing through Damariscotta anytime soon, please stop by Hilltop and share some kind words with their amazing staff.

But, if you're passing through and you're going to have an attitude, please, keep driving, bucko.


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